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What To Do This Weekend - Animal Tracks, a Bonfire and a Show!

It is a busy weekend in St. John's! There are two wonderful Family Events this weekend:
  • On Friday night, at 7pm, CBS will be holding their annual Guy Fawke's Night Community Bonfire. It will be held at Sgt.Ned's. Bring a mug - Hot Chocolate will be served!
  • And, on Sunday, drop in to Family Fun at the Rooms (2-4PM). This weekend's topic is "Animal Tracks and Signs in Winter". Children can have fun trying to guess which animals made which tracks, and will also create their own "animal footprints" from potatoes and paper. And, just think, when the snow comes, you can take the kids for a winter hike and try to find some of the tracks you learned to recognize!
Or, is Friday your date night? Why not try RIDERS, a production by Creator Dance Theatre at the LSPU Hall (Friday, 8-10PM)? The description on their Facebook page sounds SO enticing: "What would have happened if the Boleyn Siblings were living in 2010? This is the premise of RIDERS, a contemporary dance show, based on the socio-political journey of three power hungry siblings." Tickets available at or call the LSPU Hall at 753 4531

DON'T FORGET: Clocks "fall" back for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday Nov. 7! Enjoy the extra hour with your family!

For details on events in & around town, check my calendar regularly! It is on the bottom of every page, or click Events Calendar in the navigation bar :-)

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