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Calendar + Listings

Events Calendar: See complete calendar below (scroll way down to the bottom of page :-).

*Have an event to add?* 
Email the details to me (stjohnsmomblog AT gmail DOT com), and I will be happy to post it ASAP. Please allow for a couple of weeks' notice if possible - this blog is a hobby and I am not always able to check frequently. I would recommend getting it to me by Wednesday of the week before the event as I usually update the calendar when I do the "What To Do This Weekend" posts. 



What goes around comes good turn deserves another... that's what we all tell our kids, right?

I really believe that, and if you have an event that would interest children & parents or offer a service parents would find useful, I want to help you get the word out! We are all here to help each other after all :-)

In all cases below, mentioning or linking to St. John's Mom on your site or Facebook page is much appreciated but not required. However, the more visitors St. John's Mom gets, the more you and the other listings, events and businesses will benefit, so please consider it. We can create a great resource here if we all work together!

St. John's Mom:
  • targets mothers of young & school-age children in St. John's, NL, Canada & surrounding areas 
  • has had over 33,000 visitors since March 2011! Over 60% of readers are in the St. John's -Mt. Pearl area, and over 55% are returning visitors. 
  • is often found as a result of online searches pertaining to birthday parties and/or upcoming events in St. John's, and sometimes via links from other sites where my projects have been featured. 

Events Calendar:

Events Calendar (scroll down, waaay down - it is on the bottom of this and every page) listings are free - just send the following information to stjohnsmomblog AT gmail DOT com:
  • Event Name 
  • Event Description 
  • Date & Time 
  • Place (Keep in mind: We are in NL, Canada!)
  • Your contact information (published on the site for those readers seeking further details from you) 

Birthday Party Central:

If you offer a service (cakes, location, party planning, etc.) that would be of interest to parents planning birthday parties in and around the St. John's, NL, Canada area, I would love to include it on Birthday Party Central! If the service is relevant, a link to your site is free (I will post your email/phone if you do not have a site). While mentioning or linking to St. John's Mom on your site or Facebook page is not required - more people coming to the blog will generate more business for you - so please consider it :-)

To be included:
  • website link (preferred) - email me your link at stjohnsmomblog AT gmail DOT com 
  • no website - email me at stjohnsmomblog AT gmail DOT com with your business name, service description and contact information. 

Business Operators

For the moment, we are not set up to accept paid advertising. If you would like to express interest, please email me (stjohnsmomblog AT gmail DOT com) - inquiries will help to determine whether this is a route we'll consider in the future.

This page serves as a guide only. Policies subject to change without notice.