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What Made Me Smile in The City

On Saturday, I was driving down Pitts Memorial with Mario. As we approached the City, and came to that section where there are waterfalls of frozen ice streaming from the cliffs.... I smiled.

It was a sunny day... and we live in a beautiful place! Some other things that made me smile on my drive:

  • Murray Premises - because you know you've reached Downtown (from the West End) when you see its walls; and because of the nostalgia - I LOVE that place!
  • That spot on the Harbour Front where you can see Cabot Tower guarding the Narrows - beautifully breathtaking every time!
  • Going past Memorial Stadium - my first Concert! And behind it, Quidi Vidi brought memories of going to Regatta with my Nana...and my kids.
  • HSC - my babies were born there, People! How can you not smile passing the place that gave you that!
  • The Strictly Adult Video sign on Topsail Road - Thanks for the Mammories - Sex Trek - Raunchy, yes, BUT, tell me you don't chuckle when you pass by!
  • Seeing ducks crossing Waterford Bridge Road... waddle, waddle :-)
  • Victoria Park because of its memories of winter sledding...
  • Oh! There's the Duke of Duckworth - where DH and I popped in for a nightcap on our first date.
  • Passing the brilliant Basilica where a dear friend was married...
  • And last but not least, on the way home & going by Wesley United.... where my grandparents went to Church, my parents were married, my babies were Christened... and where I married the Man of my Dreams. {Blush}.
I know what you're thinking: Damn! That was a long drive! .... And it was, but, an extremely pleasant one!

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