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I stumbled across this earlier tonight - one of the bloggers on CPO posted a link to it, and I was up, the name caught my eye (I am Secret), so, why not?

Oh my. Domestic Abuse. A woman plotting her escape from her husband. Not an easy task with 2 children. Not an easy task anyways. 

I read every post. I reread them. I could not stop.

I have my fingers crossed: she is days away from Freedom. Safety. A New Life. New Hope.

Please, please let everything be OK.

Visit her site and marvel at her hardship, perseverance, determination and courage:

If you or a loved one require assistance pertaining to domestic abuse/violence or need a safe place, here are some local resources: CONTACTS

Iris Kirby House - e-mail - phone: 722-8272 - CRISIS Line: 753-1492
Naomi Centre - e-mail - phone: 579-8641 - CRISIS Line: 579-7096
St. John's Women's Centre - e-mail - Phone:753-0220
Outside St. John's: click here


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