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The Search (OR: A Reminder To Parents)

So, a while back, DH bought Toad the ski poles he wanted. Toad just loves to snowshoe, and poles seemed so cool....and snowshoeing is something they can do together, with or without the rest of us.

He didn't want Mario to feel left out, however, Mario is not quite so gung-ho on the snowshoeing. He spends his Daddy-n'-me time doing Lego's. They have made Atlantis together, and the Millennium Falcon. What he got Mario then, was a Star Wars Lego kit. He brought it home, and told Mario he thought they could do it together, but that he could exchange it if it wasn't one he wanted.

Did Mario want it - well, heck yeah, he wanted a Star Wars Lego kit, but not just any Star Wars Lego kit, oh no.

The one he'd love to have, he told his Dad, was the one with Jango Fett that was in some Walmart flyer we'd received. DH dutifully went off to the nearest Walmart...

It wasn't there - they had all the other ones from the flyer, of course, but not the one Mario wanted.

So DH went to the next Walmart... and the next. He covered them all.

He spent 2 weeks looking - even tried Toys R Us and Zellars.

Then, on Saturday, after another unsuccessful trip to Toys R Us, we told him that we would try online but maybe he would just have to accept that we had done our best and keep the original kit his Dad had brought home ...

... his little lip quivered. He was so disappointed. For some reason, this Lego set meant so much to him...

Driving home, we said we'd give the Kelsey Drive Walmart one more go.

And they had it! It was right there! On the shelf! Whoo-hoo! Hallelujah!

So, did he get it?

Ummmmm..... no. 

He "changed his mind" and bought the Atlantis one that was right next to it.

And - oh yeah - we had seen that one before.

And so, dear Reader, a reminder for us all of two very important lessons:

  • Lesson # 362: Don't give them options!
  • Lesson #546: The obsession will pass - WAIT THEM OUT!

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