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Easter Sunday Tidbits

Easter tidbits found here & there this week :-)

  • Easter, of course, corresponds with the Jewish Passover. How did we get from the name "Pasch" or "Passover" to "Easter" though? Apparently, the Anglo-saxons' goddess of Spring was named Eostre, and the since the Christian Holiday usually occurred during "Eostremonat," or "Eostre's month", Easter became associated with the festival.
  • In Medieval Europe, eggs were forbidden during Lent, and any eggs laid during that time were preserved until the fasting period was over. Because of this, boiled eggs became a prized treat come Easter Sunday, and were often included in Easter meals. 
  • Eggs have long been associated with Spring and renewal, as they are the ultimate symbol of new life. The Egyptians, Persians, and Romans all used eggs during their spring festivals. Orthodox Christians painted them red to symbolize the blood of Christ. And, some may think the concept of an Easter Tree is "new", but it is a long standing tradition in Germany to hang painted eggs in trees before Good Friday!
  • Another symbol of new life, particularly in some pagan religions, was a rabbit, and like many pagan aspects, it became adopted by Christians throughout the ages. The bunny is not an entirely modern phenomenon though.... as far back as the 1500's he was hopping through Germany, delivering eggs to children! 
Modern Concerns :-)
  • Ever wonder which Easter treats are the least healthy (i.e: a Cadbury Cream Egg vs a Reese's PB Egg)? iVillage has done the math for you: click here for 10 side-by-side comparisons. 
  • If the kids are on sugar overload and you are looking for a way to get veggies to compete with chocolate over the next day or two, whip up this easy cauliflower bunny - fun & healthy :-)
  • If your hunt this AM involved real, cooked, dyed eggs, remember that you should not eat a hard-boiled egg that has been left out at room temp longer than 2 hours. (For other "real" egg safety tips, click here)

HoPpY EaStEr!

Now go eat some chocolate - before 
the kids have it all gone :-)

PS: The cream egg is worse ;-) Whew!

PPS: Speaking of Passover, I LOVE the blog Creative Jewish Mom - a cool, colourful blog with a ton of decorative crafts for the home (you name it, she can do it!), fun activities for the kids, and a slew of ideas to enhance just about everything (cooking, parties, gardening, art, parenting, etc.)! She is located in Israel and includes projects and ideas pertaining to Jewish festivals as well as those "just for fun"! Check her out!

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