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8 Weeks 'Til Christmas

Gift ideas for the boys on your list:
  • Tonka Chuck & Friends Chuck's Stunt Park Playset - This toy made the "Woman's Day Top Toys for 2010" and the "Today's Parent Top Toys for 2010" lists. It is an interactive, truck stunt set with lights, sounds, moveable track pieces and a hand-crank elevator. Chuck the Dump Truck stunts include rolling over; driving on two wheels & even taking off across the floor! For ages 3+, about $50.
  • Lego Lava Dragon - Part of a new selection of Lego games where the child actually builds the game first out of Lego pieces, then plays a "board-game". In this case, the objective is to be the first knight to get to the top of the volcano to summon the dragon. During your climb, you must avoid the lava and block the other knights. For ages 7-12, about $20.
  • Speaking of Lego - Star Wars themed Lego toys are always in vogue. Especially popular with the kids running through our house are the following: Motorized Walking AT-AT (14+; $160); and the X-wing Fighter plane (ages 8-12; $80)
  • Bakugan - pocket-sized orbs that pop open when placed on metal to reveal dragons ready to battle. Each one folds back up differently so they are like little miniature 3-D puzzles. They can be bought separately or in sets. The child can simply collect them or use them to play strategic games where they determine which Bakugan to play against their opponent based on strength and attributes. Fun in so many ways! Start at $5.
  • Wind Up Workshop Robots - For boys who love to build or who are mechanically inclined, these cute Robot kits include wind-up motors; robot parts & stickers and instructions! For ages 7+, about $15.
  • Star Wars - The Clone Wars - General Grievous - Spinning Electronic Lightsaber - Star Wars Lightsabers are always popular, and this year's new version has a twist: it is the spinning one belonging to the villain General Grievous. For ages 7+, about $40.
  • And, of course, games for the ever-popular DS & Wii systems:
Have fun shopping! Next week, I'll feature some gifts for girls :-)

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