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Tasty Tuesday - A Quick Snack-O-Lantern

Here is a really quick, really easy Halloween snack or lunch box idea that packs a lot of punch: I like to call 'em "snack-o-lanterns":

To make: get thee some Mandarin oranges (or regular ones, but kids will find mandarins easier to peel), and a black edible marker (from Bulk Barn or Michael's), and draw on a face. How easy is that?? And believe me, your kids will think it is TOO cool when they haul one out of their bag at snack time ;-)


  1. Did not know that you can get edible markers!!! So exciting!

  2. Edible markers? Who knew! What a great idea. I love it. Simple and fun.

  3. You can get them at Michael's for sure - in the cake aisle. The only catch - they are only sold in packages of 5... but all three colour sets available include black (brights, neons, regals).... $13.50/pkg