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What To Do This Weekend

Well, I was going to suggest checking out PumpkinFest at Lester's Farm this weekend... however, due to the poor weather forecast, it is postponed until October 23rd (yippee for me, as I am at a Convention this weekend!). We are forecasted rain, rain & more rain this weekend (90% probability), but you don't live here for the weather now do you?

Now, if you have a day free from the kiddies, or a sweet grandparent/aunt/uncle handy, get yourself to the Delta for the Wine Fest Luncheon on Saturday! Tickets are still available... and it should be a lovely meal accompanied by some great wines.

But, if you are like my DH and will be looking for some indoor entertainment for your little imps, here are some of my favourite rainy day activities:
  • Chapters can NOT be beat on a rainy afternoon! Have a coffee, pull up a seat, enjoy their relaxed atmosphere while you read to your children, or, flip through a magazine while you are watching them browse the books! My boys and I can literally spend hours there.... they love it when we take a break for juice and one of those big cookies ;-) And, a Grande Non-fat Latte, please!

  • Visit the Geo Centre - fun anytime, but I can't wait to check out their new 3D theatre! Sea Monsters, U2 and Forces of Nature are all playing this weekend! Visit their site for show times: Geo Centre Theatre Show Times.

  • Sunday's Family Fun at the Rooms is all about leaves.... why they are so important to trees, to ladybugs, to moose and to us. Timely not only for the season, but ties in with Autobot #1's science unit on plant life... so we'll be there 2-4 PM.

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