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New Year's Eve With Kids

Here's a link to a great little round-up of Family Friendly Do-It-Yourself New Year's Eve Fun: New Years with kids (family ideas)

I would add the following to the list, if you are planning a quiet evening in: sleep out under the tree! We've done this and my peeps get so excited to see the sleeping bags laid out. They love to be in the glow of the tree lights.... who doesn't?!

Another quick idea: raid your closet, pick a neighbour or a family members house -  and go mummering! Why not?? Not only do the kids enjoy it, its a culture lesson, LOL! Wear your clothes inside out; put a curtain, sheet, hat and/or mask over your face; DON'T forget to cover your hands; coach the kids on altering their voices (which will work to varying degrees, believe me) and just have fun with whatever becomes of it all ;-) My two mummered for the first time this Christmas and are planning another "outing" before school starts!

Have a fun night and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

PS: for events around town, check out this past post. cheers!


  1. Anonymous09:20

    Happy New year!!

  2. Love the mummering idea!! Have a very happy new year!!