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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week:
  • Did you know there is a one-stop-shop for food contamination warnings/recalls, product recalls and more? That is just the mandate of Canadian site Led by public health experts, they provide critical public health information for families, including food, water and drugs, product recalls, disease outbreaks, and many other concerns. You can search by province and category, and can sign up for alerts specific to your province & area. What a great resource for parents!
  • If you are getting family photos done this season, keep this in mind: yellow makes you look bigger on camera while green makes you look smaller! (Parents Canada, Oct. 2010)
  • Canadian scientists have discovered a way to turn human skin cells into blood! Human testing won't begin until 2012, but if successful, it will mean blood can be tailor made to patients for transfusions or to replace red blood cells that get destroyed/damaged during treatment therapies like chemo. See the story on CTV and imagine the possibilities!

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