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Small Changes Challenge - 18/50

I can't stand green tea. It's vile. Makes my lips pucker and my eyes squint. Tastes awful.

For years I have resisted the green tea bandwagon - hey, there are antioxidants in black tea too, ya know. And it's good for the heart.....

But lately, I've been thinking maybe I should cut back on the tea.

Note: I did not say "give it up" - let's be reasonable, people!

But, "cut back", yes - because I am going through a can of milk a day (don't tell DH) due to my drinking  a half dozen or so mugs of tea a day....

Its my dirty little secret, OK? Don't judge. We all have our vices....

...That and swimsuit season is coming and green tea is said to increase your metabolism....

Well, shucks, this seemed like a good Small Changes Challenge - cut back on black tea. Add green tea.

Ah yes... I did not impose # of cups.... which you may correctly interpret as my being convinced this particular initiative was likely to fail.

So, I tried the green tea again. I was right - it was vile. Vile, I tell you. I left it on the counter.

Then I had a marvelous idea: I put lemon juice in my water and sometimes even drink that hot (I know - odd. We all have our quirks.)... soooooo, why not add lemon juice to the green tea?

Why not indeed - it couldn't be any worse than regular green tea! And guess what?

Woo-hoo! It was manageable! I would prefer it w/o the green tea, but I could enjoy it with the green tea. The first day I managed 3 cups - as in twice that AM and once that afternoon I substituted my King Cole & milk for green tea & lemon. Not bad, but I had read that 4 cups of green tea contains the ideal amount of EGCG needed to (supposedly) increase your metabolism - which I managed on day two! Uh-huh, uh-huh....I've been promising myself that after the first two regular teas in the AM, I have to have 2 green teas before I can earn one more mug of black tea.... (if the math causes you to question my honesty in my estimation of tea per day above....ummmm, no comment).

So.... another success! Really, this one surprised me - it was the LAST one I expected to be able to honestly score myself a 5/5 on!** And, I might even be beginning to like it....

That said, the kettle is boiling, and I've got one more cup to go for the day!

...See ya!

PS - **Perhaps I shouldn't be so pleased.... I haven't done a squat since a week from last Friday after all.

PPS - re: the EGCG - I read that long ago, where and when long since forgotten. But I was able to find an article on that referenced the same claim : click here to read that article. 


  1. Anonymous10:22

    The trick with green tea is to not use boiling water- the water should be around 82 degrees so as not to "burn" the leaves which makes it taste bitter. It's a little trick I learned from my green tea drinking, Japanese friend. I boil the kettle and then let it sit a few minutes before making my tea

  2. I'll have to try it. Thx!

  3. Danielle11:19

    I have also "MADE" myself like green tea. I found it un-drinkable until I tried Tetley Pomegranate Green Tea, it's actually pretty good. Afterwards I did buy a big box of Lemon green tea to try that one as well, but I still like pom better.