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Things Kids Say

Just a few things I've overheard.... oh, what are they like ;-)

"My foot's hurting.... but I probably don't have cancer on it because I eat a lot of broccoli."

"Mommy! You don't need to decorate for Halloween - there are already cobwebs on the lights!"

"I'm using your hair as a tissue"

"My throat hurts because you let me talk too much"

"Mommy, I'm tired and I don't know if there is enough night for me to sleep all I want"

"I need to call somebody and thank them for the Internet"

"Mommy let's read about brains. My friend doesn't know about brains because she said she doesn't have one"


  1. Thanks for stopping by!
    You have a lovely and informative blog.
    My favourite quote was "My throat hurts because you let me talk too much". I think I've heard that a time or two!