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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week.
  • Strep throat can present itself as a fever accompanied by a headache in children (The Portable Pediatrician; Laura Walther Nathanson). I read this while scanning the book when my little guy's fever wasn't going away earlier this week. He had been complaining of a headache, but not a sore throat, so strep throat wasn't on my radar, until then at least! I took him to the hospital after 48 hrs of fever and sure enough - strep throat! (He started antibiotics on Wednesday, fever broke yesterday and today he is pretty much back to normal.)
  • Leftover champagne? According to the December 2010 issue of Health magazine, it can act as a key ingredient in a home-made skin mask or tub-soak! The carbon dioxide in champagne tightens the skin, while the polyphenols combat redness. To make: combine 1 c. powdered milk with 1/2 c Epsom salts (available at Shopper's in the First Aid aisle). Mix with 1 or more cups champagne that has been mixed with 1 tblsp of warmed honey (30 sec in the microwave). 
  • I was looking forward to seeing it, but not sure where now: reports that the History Channel won't show the miniseries The Kennedys starring Katie Holmes. Apparently they feel "this dramatic interpretation is not a fit for the History brand", which makes one question its accuracy in my view. I don't know a lot about the Kennedys, so I would prefer to watch a true-to-life interpretation - or, if I do see it, it will be with a grain of caution :-)

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