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What To Do This Weekend

Happy Old Christmas Day!

Well, I keep checking the weekend's forecast hoping it will change to either crisp, clear, sunny days or deliver us a dusting of snow (waiting to break out the snowshoes!), but unfortunately, it still looks like rain! On that note then, here are some ideas I am tossing around for our weekend:

  • A Saturday afternoon trip to Chapters - those who've read the blog before likely know this is one of my favourite things to do ANYTIME, all the better on a rainy day! We'll get cafe lattes & milk for the boys and head to the blue carpet section.... while the kids are amused there, I'll probably pop over to the calendar/agenda section and see what is left... maybe get one to track resolutions (though that would imply making resolutions...)?
  • Take in a movie with the kids - there are a few choices this week: we saw Yogi Bear with the boys over the holidays, and while it was not my cup of tea (quite slow), not only did my two enjoy it (6 & 8), their cousins all loved it too (ages 4, 7, 10), so it must be a kid thing!  My boys aren't into the Narnia or Harry Potter films yet, and I'd like to see Tron myself before I decide if they can go to it, so for us, it will likely be Gulliver's Travels this weekend, unless I can convince them that boys would enjoy Tangled! (PS: Empire Cinemas in the Mount Pearl Shopping Centre is generally less crowded with shorter line-ups if you don't mind the smaller theatre.)
  • I'll be taking down the trees, of course, now that Christmas is officially over (boo-hoo! BUT there are only 353 days left until next Christmas!), and may just plan an indoor picnic in all that "new" space in the family room on Sunday afternoon! We'll spread out a tablecloth on the floor, eat picnic style foods and have even been known to pack/serve from a picnic ;-)
Have fun folks!

For details on events in & around town, check my calendar regularly! It is on the bottom of every page, or click Events Calendar in the navigation bar :-)

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