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Transition Time

Today was the first day back to school, and DS#1's first day in the English stream. AND I am thrilled to report that he had a wonderful first day!

I went in to school with him this AM to make sure he got settled. He was apprehensive last night and this morning - nervous that it was "like going to grade four - its a whole new class". I knew what he meant - I would get butterflies prior to the first day of school! Not knowing who was going to be in your class, who you'd sit next to, etc. I wanted to hold his hand on the way into school, but didn't - he's in grade three, so I told myself I wouldn't, not at school. However, we ran into the guidance counsellor on the way to the office, and as we told her "today was the day", he reached out for my hand and held it until we got to the main office. Oh, my baby!

My heart was eased even before I left the school - the principal had his desk moved to the new class already, and had the new teacher, Ms. V,  brought up to speed. As luck should have it, Ms. V  was subbing for the vice-principal today, but DS1 knew her substitute, Ms. F and seemed very relieved to have her. Then, he found out he knew at least two of the boys in the class, including his good friend B from his Beaver group last year! Ms. F found him a locker, and while she was doing that, B arrived - you could see the happiness on their faces when they realized they would be in the same class together! DS1 went into class with B - I'm not sure if he even looked back.... I didn't check on him again for fear I might make him anxious if I exhibited any signs of being over-attentive. 

Throughout the day today, I received positive emails from his special services resource, the guidance counsellor and his French home room teacher. Each had checked on him a time or two and all let me know that he seemed fine and even quite content. I feel so much gratitude to the school for everyone's assistance and guidance and concern for DS1. The teachers' efforts with him and their genuine concern for my boy are truly appreciated and I feel so blessed to have him at a school with such an amazing staff!

DS1 came home smiling too (rare!), and told me the day was easier than he thought it would be. There were at least 3-4 faces he recognized, and a few more that seemed friendly and with whom he can imagine becoming friends. 

I'm cautiously optimistic - grateful he had such a good day and hoping he will continue adjust well to the new classroom throughout the rest of the week. The first couple of weeks in a new class/grade are always difficult for him but I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be able to handle frustrations better now with the worry scale that the guidance counsellor taught him in the Fall. 

I feel good though - relieved, happy, like a weight has been taken off both our peace with the decision we made, hopeful for a smooth transition and a good 2011!

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  1. Anonymous18:29

    It's good you are in sync with your son and you are meeting his needs. It's important for him to feel that he can tackle life confidently. Good job mom.