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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week:
  • Even the smallest chunks of time outside - in any weather - can be of benefit to your health
    • 5 minutes outside will lift your mood and improve your self worth; 
    • 8 minutes will make you feel bonded and more connected to other people; 
    • 15 minutes will improve your ability to concentrate, solve problems and be creative; 
    • 20 minutes will recharge your body and leave you feeling more energized! 
    • No time is too little! (Self, February 2011)
  • I try to encourage my kids to make the effort to try new things &/or the things that scare them by placing the emphasis on the act of tryingnot on a perfect outcome. So I was thrilled with the following when I read it: If it's worth doing, it's worth doing badly. My new saying! (Today's Parent, Feb 2011)
  • Little ones in daycare may get more infections than their counterparts.... but they are also less likely to catch illnesses in the long run: a Quebec study found kids who were in a large daycare prior to 30 months had 43% fewer ear infections and 21% fewer respiratory infections in the primary grades. (Chatelaine, March 2011)
  • Do you feel rushed or unheard at the doctor? Dr. Oz shared these tips this week on getting the most from your visit:
    • Arrive armed & ready with your top 3 concerns or questions written out on paper - hand it to your doctor when you are sitting down with him/her - it will help to guide the conversation.
    • Be sure to ask the following: What is the #1 thing you think this could be? What do you hope to learn from the tests you are requesting? What are my other options?
    • Ensure you know time lines for follow up and who will take the action (you, doctor, their office, another health professional, etc.)
    • Summarize what you heard when the doctor was speaking - this is important because what s/he meant and what you understood could be different. Clarify prior to leaving with a statement like: "OK, so what I understand is there is a possibility it may be X, the test for Y will help determine that, I should get it done within the next Z weeks and should follow up with your office if I haven't heard anything by..."
    • To view the show, check out these articles Is Your Doctor Dangerous? Parts 1-3 and What You Must Ask Your Doctor on
  • Miss all the goodies Auntie Crae's had to offer? Well, their buyer has just opened her own specialty grocery store! Called Fat Nanny's, it is located on Duckworth Street and offers many specialty items, Auntie Crae's coffee & jams, PLUS biscuits, chocolate and Cherry Coke from across the Pond. Foodies Rejoice!

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