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What To Do This Weekend - Get Ready For Spring; Indulge in Childhood Memories

Isn't it beautiful out there this morning - the sun is splitting the rocks! It is amazing how much of a beating the snow has taken this week - I can actually now see an inch of grass along side the driveway! It has me looking forward to the promise of Spring, and an adventure filled Easter Break with the boys, and hopefully a sunny weekend :-)

Here are some ideas to meld your Spring Preparations with some FUN:
  • It is a little too early yet for me to poke around the property to get up the winter debris - most of it is still snow covered, but I do have Spring Cleaning on the brain, so I am going to go through our books again - including cookbooks - and make a point to drop them off at the Book Blitz on Saturday (A&C or Lester's Farms, Pearlgate Rd.) - proceeds go to fund scholarships at MUN & CNA. 
  • I don't know about your kids, but mine are always eyeing the stuff in the recycling bin to see what they can take for crafts. Clay Cafe has a genius program Saturday morning: bring in a bag of recyclables and create a sea turtle from them! It is best suited to children ages 7-12 and you do need to register (Clay Cafe link is in the sidebar). 
  • Last but not least on the "Spring Prep" front: why not head over to the garden section at your favourite store, pick out some seeds with the kids, and plant them inside, in a little container on the windowsill? Fun for children to tend to and to watch grow, and once the snow is cleared and the threat of frost is gone, you can have an afternoon in the dirt with your peeps planting the tiny plants! Veggies would be great - they can harvest them and eat 'em later in the season. Plant a favourite or two and one you'd like them to try ;-)
  • Now that there is some order to the house, reward yourself! Indulge in a walk through the park, visit the Easter Bunny at the Village, OR, how about this: Willy Wonka is playing at Holy Heart Theatre - proceeds will aid in their refurbishment project. Many schools are taking their students, but, if yours didn't, don't miss out! Go see it Friday or Saturday night with the kids and relive those Charlie and the Chocolate Factory memories!

Have a great weekend :-)

For details on events in & around town, check my calendar regularly! It is on the bottom of every page, or click Events Calendar in the navigation bar :-) The Tely Go Guide is also a good source. 


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