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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week (it's a Dr. Oz kinda day):
  • A gram of sugar has 4 calories. For optimum heart health, according to Dr. Oz, we should limit added sugars to 100 calories or less/day (25g max). (From a taped The Dr. Oz Show)
  • From Paging Dr. Oz on MH DadTo promote optimum health in our children, Dr. Oz has these 5 recommendations: 
    • Offer healthy foods that are fun, colorful, and interactive: let them choose healthy food they find interesting, and yes, even let them play with their food!
    • Include healthy fats, like omega-3's, in their diet. They are wonderful brain boosters for kids... find them in nuts and certain types of fish, such as salmon  or consider supplements.
    • Don't just say it, do it: Be active, eat right. Your kids will follow. Start by getting outdoors.
    • Don't put off sleep - Kids need about 10 to 11 hours of sleep per day between ages 3 and 12. Young children who don't get enough quality sleep have more academic and behavioral problems, including oppositional behavior, defiance, and hyperactivity. Skip the homework if you have to and limit TV.... sleep is more important. 
    • Focus on your kids during a conversation. Listen, and answer back. Let them know you love them and what they have to say is important to you!
  • And, from Dr. Oz's top three age-defying secrets on Chatelaine, here are Dr. Oz's tips for staying younger longer:
    • Turn out the lights - sleep is not just for kids ;-) Lack of sleep is linked to heart disease, depression and poor immune function. 
    • Can the pop - A recent study shows the phosphates in cola accelerate the signs of aging in mice, and it is know that too much phosphate can lead to heart and kidney disease, osteoporosis and possibly muscle atrophy, which can contribute to frailty, the scariest part of aging. The good news is that we can do something about it . Instead of soft drinks, choose still or sparkling (if you like the bubbles) water with a slice of lemon as your new sidekick at meals.
    • Improve your balance  - doing so now means helping to prevent falls in your golden years. To strengthen your sense of stability, practice balancing on one foot, then the other while brushing your teeth each morning. (Just make sure you stand next to a wall in case you start to wobble!)

    For more great health tips, visit  The Dr. Oz Show online!

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