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Marvelous Monday - A W.I.P.

Ever have so much to do, or talk about that you don't know where to start?  That's me lately. Between the house, planning a couple of trips, all my unfinished projects, school, parties, spring cleaning, garden plans, etc., I'm completely boggled!

I can see now that I won't be blogging to the same capacity in the summer months as I do in winter. I wanna go outside! I think that is pretty normal though, from the blogs I follow at least. I'm just sayin' ;-).

I am actually working on some crochet that is taking wa-a-ay longer than usual for the reasons above, so I thought I would show it to you as a W.I.P. (work-in-progress). Let me tell you first about this:

This is my favourite chair. In the whole world, not just my house. My parents gave it to DH and me for a wedding present. I LOVE it, did I mention that?

I got the pillow cover on a trip to T.O. a few years back - my couch is beige and my arm chair is brown, and I feel like this ties them to the chair in a not-to-obvious way. Not only is it brown (you noticed, huh?), but the green leaves and blue flowers on the trees in the print are the same colours as the background and stripes on the chair.

The pillow cover, however, has seen better days....


What's a girl to do? Especially when she doesn't sew? And isn't sure it would help if she did?

As luck should have it, I was walking though Wal-mart one day a couple of weeks back, and a ball of this beautiful, rich, brown cotton was on clearance! (It's called even sounds rich!). A light bulb went off as to how I could solve my dilemma - Hooks to the rescue.....

I saw this stitch in a issue of Crochet Today - it is easy-peasy as it is just alternating 1dc, 1sc the length of your base.  It gives a marvelous texture:

I'm so excited! Oddly, this is the first thing I've crocheted as decor for my home! Once I'm done, I plan on doing some circle or flower appliques for the pillow, or a nice fringe of some sort - something to bring the blue and green back in .... but, we'll all just have to wait and see how that develops ;-)

Have a marvelous week!

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