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Tasty Tuesday - Easy Summer Lunches

Tell me I am not the only mother who dreads the thought of making a real lunch during the dog (as in lazy, LAZY dog) days of summer? By "real" I mean anything that involves a stove, or much preparation for that matter. Yes, right now, I consider sandwiches too complicated for the most part...

So, what am I feeding the kids? Here's some recent lazy lunches at our place:
  • Fruit Kabob "do-it-yourself-bar" - Wash and cut strawberries, grapes, kiwi, bananas and cube some cheese... set it all out in separate bowls and let everyone make their own kabob. We had them with rice cakes and cream cheese. Another fun idea is to omit the cheese, and dip the kabobs in yogurt or chocolate syrup ;-)
  • Rice-cake faces - spread PB on rice cakes. Use fruit for faces (banana sliced round, with a raisin centre for eyes or, sliced round and cut in half for ears, sliced apple mouth). Also works with cream cheese (with a strawberry nose, and kiwi eyes.... yummy!). Try to make your favorite animal. 
  • Fruit & yogurt sundae - vanilla Greek yogurt (or plain Gerek with vanilla and a touch of sugar to taste) over a bowl of raspberries, strawberries and grapes. Have it with rye crisp crackers.... divine. Works well with frozen berries from Costco too... don't even defrost 'em! Sometimes I get fancy and add granola cereal - I know!
  • Cheese crisps - shred cheddar cheese over tortilla. Broil until melted - very quick (OK. So I did use the oven. Sue me.) Eat with baby carrots and have oranges for dessert. Say, "orange you glad we didn't have (insert most-detested food here)" ;-) I'm sorry, I know I can be lame :-)
  • Veggie Roll-Up - cut crust off bread & cut in half. Butter lightly. Cut cucumber and carrots length wise into strips. Put a couple of each on one end of a bread strip and roll up (you might want to flatten bread slightly first)... its not really a sandwich ;-)
  • Pizza Bagel - spread 1/2 of bagel (or English muffin) with tomato paste. Top with leftover turkey or chicken (or even deli meat, if that is your thing), and shredded cheese.... pop under the broiler or on the Coleman grill for a bit to toast bread and melt cheese... voila. (Darn.... I think that counts as a sandwich and the use of the oven.... can't be perfect all the time, now can I??)
Have a lazy, relaxing, fun-filled day :-)

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