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Christmas Countdown: Letters from Santa!

I LOVE this idea....

Did you know your child can receive a personalized letter from Santa? That's right folks... he is in his workshop as we speak, and with the help of a a published poet/author/writer from Newfoundland, he is sending Season's Greetings to his little friends all over the world! Santa and his assistant are being very crafty: the letters are written in poetry style, on Santa’s very own letterhead and include your child’s name, community and toy/gift they would like to receive this year. There is also a Baby’s First Christmas poem from Santa (which includes the child’s first name).

Now, to make sure your child gets his/her letter, you'll need to visit the facebook page here, or email for details.... enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. I amke sure my children receive a letter from father christmas every year..I remember getting them as a child and it was so exciting and really made me believe in him!