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Marvelous Monday - A Hat for Mario

Well, I don't know about you, but I am a Star Wars fan! And, thankfully, my boys are too... in fact, they've surpassed my level of infatuation. That is, except when it comes to that good-hearted rebel: Han Solo!

Oh Han, you're so dreamy & handsome....dear, dear, Han....

...What?.... Oh, right....

Um..... Star Wars. Children...

 Ah, Yes! I made a hat for Mario! An R2D2* hat! See:

What do you think? Mario says it's marvelous... god love'm!

Have a MaRvELouS week :-)

*Please note: NOT my pattern. When I find the print-out I will let you know the site :-)


  1. I think it's pretty mahhhhhvelous too. Love it actually!

    coming from Canadian Moms ;)

  2. Han Solo is my dreamboat too. Oh, how I love the loose cannon/pilot guy. Mmmm. Han.

    The hat is VERY cute!

  3. Nicole - you have good taste ;-) Thanks for stopping by Kimberly!

  4. christi23:01

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