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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week:

  • You know how some Fast Food chains and other restaurants post nutritional information (like McDonald's) or at least make it available at the counter (like Tim's)? Well it turns out, if you do actually read it.... you will choose healthier menu items. (Yay us!) Studies show that on average, after perusing a nutritional information chart, customers trimmed 100 calories from their order. Just being aware helps us make better food choices :-) (Self, December 2011)
  • Ever wonder if there is a method to the madness of medication colours? Turns out, there is! Red, orange and yellow tend to improve mental and physical function and are often chosen for pills that need to stimulate in some way; blue and green tend to relax and calm anxiety and so are often used for sleeping pills; and pink and peach are often the colour of pills for serious problems like heart conditions - as people tend to find these less jarring than bolder colours. Go figure! (Women's Health, Dec. 2011) 
  • Studies show that, when classrooms are outfitted with the "standing workstation" style desks (surface at a comfortable height and angle for use when you are standing, sometimes paired with a stool), students behaviour and performance improved! This is likely due to the increased freedom the child has to move (they can choose to stand or sit). In fact, the study showed students will stand about 91% of the time, meaning they will burn an extra 11 calories (on average) per hour compared to standard desks! Improved performance, better behaviour and an extra metabolism boost - seems like a win-win-win to me! (Today's Parent, January 2012)


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