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Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday!

I can't wait for Pancake Tuesday tomorrow... a.k.a. Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras!!!!

...Neither can the kids. I'm not sure if it is:

a) the having pancakes for supper, or
b) the money and such in the pancakes or
c) the glitz and glam excitement created by the news reports of parades in Rio de Janero, but...

...they are going off their rockers! Especially Toad, he has been counting down since wa-a-a-ay before Valentine's Day!

Yes, yes I have created little monsters ;-)

Last year around this time, I posted these fantastic Maple Bacon Pancakes (I think they're on the roster again for tomorrow night - so yummy. Adding more bacon this year though ;-), plus you'll find some links in that post to a slew of other pancake recipes if maple bacon ones don't float your boat (why they wouldn't is beyond me, but hey, to each their own, right?).

Remember, though: Don't forget the money, honey!

Also from last year.... check out this post on the history, legends and lore associated with Pancake Tuesday - I have to go figure out how to bling out the table for this year's fete. Fun!


Oh yeah, I'm talking about THESE pancakes, People!!!
SOURCE:'s pancake slideshow!

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