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Books on the Brain

I have books on the brain this week: I have made several recent visits to Chapters, have been pouring over the current issues of the Scholastic flyers (it doesn't help that they are online ;-), and am all geared up for the upcoming Bookfairs at the schools! Which got me to thinking....Have you discovered yet?

Now, like the name suggests, they specialize in recently discontinued and overstocked books, so you won't find every title there. What you will find is a wide range of titles covering a vast span of categories. And even with the shipping fees, when I do price comparison for books I can still get online at Amazon or Indigo (the bigger companies still have some of bookcloseouts titles at "list" prices, but I have also found books there that I can't get anywhere else!), Bookcloseouts still comes out a clear winner.

One word of caution, though: if it is for a gift, I'd avoid the "scratch & dent" sale copies. These are clearly marked in the description and are copies with a mark on the cover, a rip on the pages or dusty pages. Everything else is good to go though - I have placed several orders now and have been pleased with every single one! 

Here are some children's titles you'll currently find on

Challenge young minds with this pick:
First Grade (Brain Games Kids)
List Price:$9.98 Price: $4.99 (50% OFF) CAD
Find it here.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers love Wonder Pets! Get this for any Treehouse fan:
The Amazing Wonder Pets Storybook With Wondertube (Wonder Pets!)
Book and Toy (not plush)
List Price:$19.99 Price: $3.99 (80% OFF) CAD
Find it here.

Big Nate is popular in the gr 3-5 set right now:
Big Nate Out Loud
List Price:$9.99 Price: $3.99 (60% OFF) CAD
Find it here.

I have a few books from this series and find them very well done:
The Elves And The Shoemaker (Ready To Read, Level 2)
List Price:$8.95 Price: $3.99 (55% OFF) CAD
Find it here.

This comes with a CD and would make a wonderful Christmas gift:
Christmas Carols
List Price:$12.95 Price: $5.99 (54% OFF) CAD
Find it here.

Who doesn't love paper airplanes? Grab this one up for your rainy day kit ;-):
Kids' Paper Airplane Book
List Price:$12.95 Price: $6.49 (50% OFF) CAD
Find it here.

And don't worry, the site is far from just a treasure chest for children: you'll find something for yourself I am sure as they have everything from Art & Architecture to Business & Economics, from Cooking, Food & Wine to Family & Relationships, from History & Geography to Religion & Spirituality, from Sci.... ahhh, you get the picture!


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