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Build-A-Brick Club Discontinued

Passing along the following FYI from the operators of Build-A-Brick Club:

Hi Everyone.

This is the latest update concerning Build A Brick Club. I'll give a short version and then provide a more detailed version for those who would like to know more and have the time to read.

The short for those who do not have as much time to read:
WE will be cancelling the Build A Brick club and would like to reimburse those who still have unused-sessions purchased. Please let us know how many of your 4-sessions you've not utilized so we can match against our records and refund that amount. Please email at your earliest convenience so we can connect with you.

The detailed version for those who would like to read:
 Thank you to those of you who have suggested a venue for us to check out. We have checked out a number of them. Generally speaking most all the venues we checked out were not cost effective for us and/or were not of a preferred location and also in some cases could not provide the consistency of use that we had hoped for. After much consideration we have decided to cancel the Build A Brick Club. We had initially planned to keep the club going on a weekly basis at the Admiralty Museum as was mentioned to the before-management of the Admiralty Museum. Things have changed since our initial agreement as the new management under the direction of the Chairman of their board dictated newer rules that did not accommodate the same for us. This coupled with the many-week-search for a new suitable affordable venue has led us to make a decision to discontinue the club.The added challenge of trying to keep up with Lego pieces from the Lego-sets proved not to be as cost-effective as originally hoped for as well. Considering the combination of some of these facts has brought us to the decision to cancel our build a brick club.
 We thought we may like to keep it going to a degree with birthday parties and events but again have decided that perhaps with the ongoing costs involved regarding set-pieces and adding sets, it would be best if we did not follow through as we have been operating at a loss. Perhaps if we increased pricing we could do this but we feel we would have to charge more than we should to make it possible and did not think this to be a better decision.A reminder to those who have purchased the 4-session build a brick club and have not used all the sessions, to please contact us to let us know what sessions you have not used so we can match against our records and refund your money for those sessions.

Thank you for the many kind words and friendships along the way,
Carl, Christopher & Kelly



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