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Paying the Price

I was a baaad girl, and today I paid the price.

Last year (as in two & a half months ago, in June), I didn't put away the school gear neatly....

....I know, tragic, right? 

I just rammed everything in to the cabinet in the family room, and let the loose leaf and drawings and candy wrappers and who-knows-what-else mix & mingle with all the other mess ...necessities already there, before it all migrated to the lowest shelf and slowly pushed out the door....

The desk was a state too: I never really did anything with it after school closed, and it became a catch-all for just about everything the kids left in the family room that I refused to leave on my floor (see? I do have some standards ;-). 

And today, I cleaned and gutted and organized that, OK.... most of it anyways - I'm beat! I do have the important stuff covered off though - the homework desk is now clear (uh-huh, uh-huh) and we have a dedicated spot for the homework/school supply baskets again. Woot! I even found the laptop!! It was buried under books, game pieces, wallets, Pokemon cards, chargers, marvel heroes bags and several other items I have already forgotten....

Ahhh, it is so nice to gaze at a tidy corner :-) Now to tackle the snack and lunch prep areas and gear.... it really is going to be a looooong weekend! 

(LOL - there I go cracking me up again ;-)

Enjoy your Long Weekend! 

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