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Back to School 2012 - Homework Drop Zone

The kids are off, and we met the teachers. Last I saw the boys, they were unpacking their book bags, putting lunch pails in cubbies, chatting with friends. I was amazed how quickly they settle back into the routine and know exactly what to do as though they had only been gone for the weekend!

I was lost the first few hours at home - in a daze, the house seems so quiet! I did snap out of it by lunch time and  began setting up a homework/drop station..... You know - the designated spot for the kids to put their agendas and homework once they get home, where they can find everything at-the-ready to eliminate time wasted whilst searching for pencils, erasers, crayons/leads, scissors and the like, and where they can leave any forms I need to see/sign/check... that sort of thing....

... Of course, I should clarify: by "began" I mean I spent oodles of time online searching  for ideas and tips on setting up the most marvelous, most organized and amazingly efficient homework space :-) It never got farther than that (at least not today)! Here are a few links that may help you if you are doing the same:

Happy organizing!

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