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New Site for Early Childhood Learning

I am passing along the following information pertaining to the new webpage for the Division of Early Childhood Learning in the Department of Education - as you will see, they have done quite a bit of work! The link has been added to the "Some Great Local Sites" section in the right-hand sidebar for future reference... in the meantime, check it out! :-)

Good morning,

I work with the Division of Early Childhood Learning in the Department of Education. Your blog was mentioned in a recent meeting with an interdepartmental working group as a potential way of sharing our newly updated website. The site has a wealth of information and links about programs and services for young children as well as parent resources on a wide variety of topics related to children’s learning and development.  There is also information about the Early Childhood Learning Strategy, called Learning from the Start. The site is updated regularly with new information, videos and links added on an ongoing basis.

The Early Childhood Learning webpage can be found at . We have had very positive feedback and we would be pleased if you would consider adding this to your list of links on your blog. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much.

Best regards,
D. @ Division of Early Childhood Learning

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