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My Fetish

... Oh, THAT caught your attention, now didn't it?!

And it is true.... I do have a new fetish of sorts!

...O. M. G. - I thought this was a FAMILY BLOG!...

Relax People, it is innocent enough.... I am all over stainless steel containers. That is it.

...THAT is IT?! Disappointing....

Gosh, there is just no pleasing you is there?

Anyhow, yes, stainless steel containers.... they ROCK! Stainless steel is non-toxic, and long lasting. It doesn't break! It doesn't retain odors! Or stains! Or get a greasy residue! You can throw it in the dishwasher (though, some containers have plastic/BPA -free lids, I would hand wash those)... seriously, what is not to love?

Now, I often do rely on my trusty, BPA-free GLAD or Tupperware products...however, I can not deny I love, Love, LOVE the Lunchbots series (available at Gingersnap downtown or online at these sites). And yesterday, I snagged an awesome deal at the Zellers closeout.... I got a set of three stainless steel containers (HomeBasics by Charlescraft) in the perfect size for lunches, for less than $10! The lids are plastic, but they snap on nice and securely. Sent Mario off to school today with his lunch in one. I am oddly excited!

... I may have to go back and buy more!

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