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What To Do This Weekend - in brief (Tech Troubles :-S)

Hey folks - just managing to post a quick FYI here for those of you who haven't seen my note on Facebook: I am having teckie/computer issues and will be offline until we get it resolved. In the meantime, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend - Thomas Amusements is at Zellars on Stavanger this weekend (see earlier post with their complete schedule), and there is a YMCA Family event Sunday morning at the Ches Penny Y location (sorry, the calendar did not get updated today). The East Coast Trail hike is Saturday, and the Made Right Here Expo is this weekend as well - ask on my page if you need details, someone is sure to know. Also, Salmonier Nature Park opens tomorrow!
This is in addition to the programs at the Fluvarium and the St. John's Kid/Hava Java playdate. Lester's Farm and the St. John's Farmers Market are also now open for the season. Once I am back online, I'll update the calendar with these and other events, including details from Thre Rooms summer program, which just arrived in my inbox.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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