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Reflections in a Quiet House

I am sitting here, in the still of the house, admiring my Christmas Tree. The house lights are off, the tree lights are on, and it looks so pretty, all a-glow. Some me-time... time to reflect. And you know where my mind is going? Well....

My house is TOO quiet!!!!

Seriously, even the cat is complaining .....

We had a fabulous Christmas.... We are having a fabulous Christmas (it ain't over yet!!!). Festivities started with a family gathering on the 22nd, then the kids went to a party at their Dad's work on Christmas Eve before we did the rounds and had another gathering downtown. The kids were thrilled with their gifts on Christmas morning (whew! I was worried), and the neighbours came over before we headed out to the in-laws. Boxing Day was peaceful and lazy, friends came over the next night. The boys had a sleepover and we saw This is 40 another night. We had a Christmas brunch at my folks place, had the kids next door over for breakfast, had a party with family and friends from the street on New Year's Eve. Dinner with more family on New Year's Day and a card game! Then yesterday, I was in my glee - my two were playing hockey out front and were joined by 4 other boys from the street. They ended up playing Star Wars in the backyard and eating cookies in the fort....

... ahhh, it has been SO much fun!!! I miss the bustle, the noise, the kids - mine and others -  already :-)

...Come on 3 o'clock!

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