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What To Do This Weekend - Bowring Park & Family Drop-In at the Rooms

Mustangs in the Park - 10AM-4PM Oct 2

This will be a fantastic weekend to take a stroll through Bowring Park, for a few reasons:
  1. Autumn's here!
  2. The new playground is Fab-U-lous!
  3. Mustangs in the Park!! If you and your family like cars (and I have to say, car shows always go down well in our house!), then visit the Park anytime between 10AM-4PM on Saturday, October 2nd and view the new & classic Ford Mustangs on display. While admission is free, any donations will go to support Autism. Here's the link for more information : Mustangs in the Park
Family Drop-In at the Rooms - 2-4PM Oct 3

Isn't The Rooms just an amazing facility? Not only do they have free admission after 6PM on Wednesdays AND on the first Saturday of every month, they also have weekly family events from 2-4PM on Sunday afternoons! They make it SO easy to share our culture and heritage with our children, don't you agree?

Check them out this weekend - this Sunday's theme is Fun & Games in the 1600s and will answer the question "What did kids in Newfoundland do for fun 400 years ago?" (Apparently: 'Fox and Geese' or  'Hunting a Deer in My Lord’s Park'.... don't know what those are? Me either - that's why we're going to check it out!). For complete details, visit their website: The Rooms

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