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Happy Day!

It is just impossible to wake up on a Friday morning and NOT be excited, don't you think? I'm not quite sure if it is due to the elation of a homework-free night, or the anticipation of being with DH and the Imps for two whole days! Or it could be the fact that there is no reason to rush out of bed the next morning! No need to make lunches! A mini-break - woot!

Today in particular, I have a very specific reason to be gleeful: we are having a birthday party for our boys. They have been counting down all week and the day is finally here! I am happy for them, and looking forward to meeting the "new" kids and parents from their classes.

Yesterday, a poem fell off my fridge when one of the boys was moving his calendar. It is one my grandmother found who-knows-when. She carried it around, photocopied extra copies to give out, and had one tucked in with her special things. It is simple, and is a nice one to share with children, to spark conversations on kindness and attitude. To me, and perhaps to Nan as well, it is the essence of a kind, cheerful life. I want to share it with you, I hope you enjoy:

Have you made someone happy, or made someone sad?
What have you done with the day that you had?
It was given to you to do just as you would,
Did you do what was wicked, or do what was good?
Did you lift someone up or push someone down,
Did you wear a smile instead of a frown?
Did you lighten some load or some progress impede,
Did you look for a rose or just gather a weed?
What did you do with your beautiful day...
It was given to you, did you throw it away?

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