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Quick Hit Projects

Remember my To-Do List where I was going to find some quick-hit projects around the house to get it more presentable for Christmas? Well, this has been a real fixer-upper weekend for me!

On Friday, I got out the belt sander and sanded down our old kitchen table, the one DH had when we met. The finish was always troublesome so I abandoned it years ago. Lately though, I have been wanting to add a little oomph to my kitchen. We found some fab chairs at Templeton's for only $49 each, and so I am in the process of refinishing the table (I think I will paint it white to tie in with my hutch)....

Then on Saturday, DH helped my Father winterize some stuff in the garage, and we spent the day at my parents' place. That night DH put together the chairs for the kitchen. Man, do they ever look nice! Even without the table painted. On Sunday, I got out the belt sander again and roughed up the finish on the verandah - easier than scraping, and it needed a good scraping! 

So today, I painted the verandah - it seems like I have been waiting for eons to get a half decent day! The posts could use another coat, but even if I don't get another coat on before winter sets in, it will still be alright. 

I also got out the metal paint and touched up the back splash and drawer on my stove. It always amazes me what a little tub of semi-gloss white Tremclad can do to prolong the life of a stove - I feel like it is new again! Somewhere in there I also re-scotch-guarded (I may be making that word up, LOL!) my dining room chairs, and put together a table I had gotten my Dad to cut down for me on Saturday (for the boys' room as a spot for their hamsters).

And now, I think the burst of energy is gone... but it was worth it!

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