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What I Found on the Internet

I just had to share some great sites and items I found online! - This site aims to promote healthy living lifestyles and an awareness of our impact on the Earth by offering sustainable products for sale. They have gorgeous handmade, natural and recycled items for sale, and they ship internationally. If your child is a fan of Dr. Suess, The Cat in the Hat movie or the new TV show, you'll have to consider the cat below for Christmas - too cute! - The US equivalent of the Shopping Channel. They DO ship to Canada. Do a search for "carousel organizer" (I could not copy the image or URL to show you, but it is a must if you like an organized closet!) It not only spins, it has shelves for your sweaters! - Website for the Brooklyn store FredFlare, and again, they do ship to Canada. It has a ton of funky and fun items. You are sure to find a treat for everyone on your list... or for yourself. This enamel elephant necklace is sure to bring good luck to someone you know :-)

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