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What I LOVE about Halloween!

Isn't Halloween wonderful? Imp #1 had his Halloween Concert last night, and both boys are gone off with their costumes in their backpacks today for this afternoon's Halloween festivities at school. I was just thinking of all the other things I LOVE about Halloween and thought I would share them with you:
  • The children's excitement!
  • Seeing the orange glow from all lights on our street at night! 
  • All the spooky, creepy-crawly decorations people come up with.
  • Halloween specials on TV - Garfield, Charlie Brown, etc.
  • Hearing "The Monster Mash" on the radio.
  • Ghosties with the Mosties ;-)
  • Candy, Chocolate... any holiday that brings chocolate to the forefront is a good one in my books!
  • Cats....any holiday that brings cats to the forefront is a good one in my books;-)
  • Costumes.
  • Another excuse for oranges, reds & yellows....
  • Apples, pumpkins, corn....
  • Spooky moons.
  • Cobwebs. (Imp #2 tells me that I don't have to decorate for Halloween because I already have cobwebs on my chandeliers. Thanks Dude.)
  • Tombstones.
  • Halloween Parties!
  • Seeing the neighbourhood kids dressed up when they ring our doorbell!
  • Trick -or-Treating with my boys!
  • Memories of my Nan and Great-Aunt and the Haunted House parties they used to stage for us as children. I would be SO scared to enter... and SO excited. I would get freaked out when I had to eat their Eyeball Soup and Slimy Brains! Love you Ladies and think of you both often - especially at Halloween, XXOO.

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