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Marvelous Monday - My Corny Valentine's Card

What a gorgeous, bright, sunny Valentine's Day we have been given! Its perfect! No wait - its marvelous ;-)

For obvious reasons, today I thought I would share with you the Valentine's card I made for DH:

Maybe I'm biased, but I am actually *quite*pleased with the way it turned out. I can't wait to give it to my husband - I know he will groan at my cheesy sense of humour ("owlways" love him - get it?? Oh, I crack me up! At least that's someone, right? ;-).

I love my little owl punch and rarely use it for some reason - I think it might be because of the 50 million little pieces (no exaggeration, I swear) that you have to punch out for the eyes - they drive me nuts. But, I used googly eyes this time - see? I'm gettin' smart in my old age. Or lazy... one of it.

I don't have anything that says "Happy Valentine's Day", so I used my Define Your Life set to randomly stamp definitions of romance-related words as part of my background hearts, putting the "you" & "always" definitions front & centre (which worked quite well with my little pun ;-) That way if he's dense, DH can still get it). The card stock used is Rose Red, Basic Grey and Whisper White, all from Stampin' Up, and I used Elegant Eggplant ink (also SU).

I hope you like it as much as I do!

Here are the ones I "made" for the boys - they are really into Star Wars, so these are store bought - but I couldn't resist mounting them on card stock! Cracked, I know :-) On the plus side, it did allow for me to stamp a design on the inside and write a little personal message.

The SU colours above are Riding Hood Red and Elegant Eggplant.

Here's to a marvelous, wonderful week!

*Why "marvelous"? Well, according to my research (we have to be scientific here, right, because it is the small print), "marvelous" means "to cause wonder or astonishment".....Marvelous Mondays get the week off to a good start. People, this week is going to be exciting! Fun! Wonderful! That, and it's the day I share my crafting - and I, for one, am always astonished when I see the finished product: "Woot! I actually made something!"

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  1. Aw! And I like your owls, too ;o)
    The googly eyes work very well for them.