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Marvelous Monday - Toddler Poncho with a "Patriotic" Punch!

I was inspired to make a granny-square poncho by a post on Two Girls Being Crafty. They, in turn, had been inspired by an old photo that appears to be circa 1972! The tutorial they did made it seem SO easy and well, so obvious, I just had to try it - it's brilliant!

As the series of pictures below shows (mine, theirs and the original), the beauty of the idea is that it can be so easily manipulated to match your tastes - just use the basic pattern of 16 grannies attached per the diagram on the site, and voila - infinite possibilities! And of course, if you increase the size of the granny squares (extra rows, bigger hook, etc.) you can easily adjust the poncho size to make this cute idea fit a girl of any age!

For my version, I used 4mm hook, a different style granny than the Two Girls, and my own colours and trim. Once I had it finished, it reminded me of the green-white-pink Newfie Flag.... its a "Patriotic Poncho", LOL! Long Live Newfoundland ;-)

The Patriotic Poncho - my version :-)

Two Girls Being Crafty Version. 
Check out their site to see just how cute this looks on a toddler!

The original... 
You gotta admit, it takes real talent on the Two Girls' part to take this ugly
thing and come up with such a cute idea!

If you try this out, be sure to share ;-)

PS: I just realised (and isn't it funny) I am showing you this on the same day is launching. Pure coincidence - but timely! :-)

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  1. What beautiful work you do! I couldn't figure out how to comment on your Card Patterns post since it doesn't seem like that one allows comments, but wanted to thank you for celebrating our 2nd anniversary with us.