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Tasty Tuesday - Repurposing Pantry Staples

Well, this is a bit of a detour :-) Who says food and pantry staples should be just for eating, though? Not only are they handy, they are often an economical and environmentally-friendly choice too. Here are some additional uses I've picked up or read about:
  • Vinegar - mix about 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water - great for cleaning windows, mirrors, stainless steel and chrome fixtures. Also can be used as a daily shower spray to cut down on build-up between cleanings.
  • Olive oil - great skin moisturizer. Rub into cuticles, bottoms of feet and don cotton gloves or socks for super smooth skin. Keep some in the washroom and apply to scaly spots right after you step out or the shower. Also works well as an exfoliator: mix a tablespoon of olive oil with Epsom salts in your palm, scrub into your elbows & feet, rinse off. Do likewise along the bikini line and on your legs too, to keep ingrown hairs at bay. (If you prefer, you can buy a small bottle of olive oil in the medications aisle at the pharmacy. Epsom salts will also be there).
  • Baking soda is effective as a skin scrub! The gritty texture sloughs off dead skin cells, it flushes oils from your pores (thereby reducing blemishes), has anti-inflammatory properties (reduce redness and irritation) and the sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the skin's PH. mix one part soda to one part water to form a paste, rub on gently and wash off with lukewarm water (Woman's World, 1/3/11 issue).
  • You know you can use the frozen peas as an ice pack for sprains and bruises.... but for minor bumps or paper cuts- try keeping left-over fast food ketchup packets in the freezer for such an occasion! (Good Housekeeping, February 2011

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