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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week:
  • Today is Love Your Pet Day! Give yours an extra cuddle or two :-)
  • Speaking of pets, is there pet fur all over your furniture? Don a pair of rubber gloves, dampen the palms and run your hands over chairs, sofas, etc to pick it up easily! (Woman's Weekly, January 31, 2011 issue)
  • Use stray buttons to corral earrings in your jewelry box - just "thread" the posts through the holes. (Woman's Weekly, January 17, 2011 issue)
  • Drinking 6 cups of water a day will decrease the appearance of wrinkles 24% within 8 weeks! Drink up and look young longer ;-) (Women's Health, January/February 2011)
  • Like garlic? Drink milk when you have it - studies show milk reduces the presence of compounds that cause garlic breath by 95%! Whole milk works best. (Women's Health, Jan/Feb 2011)
  • Another reason to eat LOTS of veggies: because we now grow crops faster and bigger than in the past, there is a reduced output of nutrients in our produce compared to 60 yrs ago: carrots have 24% less iron than they once did and broccoli has 37% less calcium than just two generations ago! Calories are low, so fill up for maximum benefit! (Women's Health, Jan/Feb 2011)
  • And, on a local note: The Independent relaunches tomorrow, Monday, February 21st! The local paper folded in 2008 and is returning as an online-only publication, with regular contributors from all walks of life. Check it out at (that link should become live on the 21st- in the meantime - here's a visual reminder of the paper-that-once- was and the online-publication-to-be :-)

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