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Small Changes Challenge - 4/50

Back in January, I decided that instead of a resolution in 2011, I'd challenge myself to make one small change per week for the next 50 weeks! Posting about it would keep me honest, and so, this is my weekly update to you, dear reader! ;-) For past posts, search the tag "small changes".

Overall, I think this week went better than last, though it took me a while to get back into the groove, so to speak! If you recall, last week's challenge, which failed miserably, was to ensure the dishwasher was packed and put on before bed nightly.  Well, this week, I would have the dishwasher packed and ready to go each night..... only to forget to turn it on as I went to bed! It took me until the 3rd night to realise I should just hit the "delay" button as soon as I had the supper dishes in, so that it would turn itself on automatically (it is incredibly loud, and right next to our family room, so we prefer not to be in the vicinity when it is on). That was much better!

This week's challenge was to ensure I unloaded the dishwasher first thing every morning - as soon as the breakfast/get the kids ready for school rush was through. Unloading worked most days - some days I even managed it while they were still home if their bellies were full, lunches made, & book bags packed. Other days, I did it once they went out waiting for the bus (which was also convenient as I can see the bus coming around the other side of the street through our kitchen window). I didn't manage it "first thing" on the "Snow Day" yesterday - I slept in and the boys were up and playing when I moseyed on downstairs, so I just hung out with them and didn't worry about household stuff until later!

Now, a confession: we were outside playing yesterday and had a rollicking good time, so I must have beat myself out after being sick last week - I fell asleep as soon as they did! Meaning, the dishwasher did not get packed last night nor unloaded this AM. I guess that puts my score somewhere around the 2/5-2.5/5 mark, but it does feel like more of a victory than last week!

On a positive note, I am back with my AM marching - I even added small walking weights! And while I gave up trying to make the bed look perfect daily (cause that was nuts! Especially when nobody sees it, except DH who only complains about the pillows as he throws them to the floor!), I do continue to make it first thing everyday but without the pillows.... allowing me the satisfaction of a "made" bed, and relieving me of the desire to injure DH every time I pick my treasured pillows off the floor!

Next week's challenge to myself will also involve Mario and Toad. I aim to tackle a little household issue we have, one that mothers of boys are all too familiar with.... stay tuned!

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