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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week.

  • Research shows that teenage girls who rehash their problems constantly with friends actually suffer more from depression and anxiety than those who talk with an adult. (Family Circle, January 2011). Establish good lines of communication early with your children so they know they can come to you with an issue!
  • Go figure - they may always be "on the cell" but they aren't talking: 2/3 of teens text their friends as opposed to calling them, yet they still call Mom & Dad! (Family Circle, Jan. 2011)
  • Down? Eating the right foods can help. Try eating spinach (the folic acid fights depression), sunflower seeds (contain depression fighting selenium) and whole-grain rice, pasta and bread (carbs elevate serotonin levels, thereby reducing stress). Chamomile tea can also reduce stress, and calcium can reduce mood swings and anxiety. (Chatelaine, February 2011)
  • To fully benefit from its nutrition, you should eat fruit immediately after cutting it/slicing it up as leaving them exposed to air can destroy some vitamins and antioxidants. (Chatelaine, Feb. 2011.)
  • Do your kids - or you - need a little extra help in the "getting organized" department? I was surfing for some tips to help one of my boys in this area, and came across this site. It's a good place to start!
  • Dr. Oz did a show recently regarding how, when it comes to achieving your weight-loss goals, timing is everything. Weigh yourself the same time of day (first thing after rising/the washroom routine); exercise early (before breakfast, so you burn fat, not the food you just ate); eat about an hour after rising; drink a tall glass of cold water a little later to boost metabolism; grocery shop mid-morning when you are still full from breakfast; lunch about 4 1/2 hrs after breakfast; take a fiber supplement about 15 min before dinner (most of us don't get enough; taking now will aid digestion); supper about 6 1/2 hours after lunch... got that? In case you didn't, he posted this handy cheat sheet on his site:

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