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Tasty Tuesday - Hot Chocolate Upgrade!

Well folks, I had thought the time for this had come and gone for this year.... but alas, with the weather and temperatures the last couple of days, the hot chocolate requests are back on in our house!

Which brings me to this little "upgrade" I do to the hot chocolate in our house. I thought it was pretty everyone-doe-it-ish, until one day my Dad commented well, I'll have to start doing that when I was making the beverage for my boys....

...Do tell, do tell...

Oh, now it isn't rocket science, just a cute little trick the kids will love ;-) Do you have one of those cookie dough scoops from Pampered Chef or the like? You do? ...Cool. Well, I use mine to scoop three little mini balls of ice cream to plop in the top of the hot chocolate. Yes, that's it. But the kids go crazy - ice cream and chocolate?!!! And it cools it down for them too.... they can let it melt in to the drink like Toad or grab a spoon and "beat the clock" by trying to eat the ice cream before it melts like Mario. And, since it is only 3 one-inch diameter dollops of ice cream, you know you aren't gonna ruin supper ;-)



  1. What a great tip!! I am a pampered chef consultant and I love having new family fun ideas to share at my parties :). Thanks!!