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Small Changes Challenge - 10/50

I'm gonna confess right off the bat - this week was not a good one for me when it came to following through on my Small Changes Challenge! Not only did I get a dismal score (1/5) I barely gave it a thought after Monday.

My challenge this week was to "gut & sort" a space for 15 minutes each day... those tasks I have been putting off since last Fall - I thought that if I made them part of the Small Changes Challenge, perhaps they would finally get done.

Ummm.... nope. Apparently, the reason the stuff had made every To-Do List since the Autumn and was still not done is because I really have no desire to do them ;-). Just what are these terrible tasks? Oh, they are dreadful! Let me show you:
  • Day 1 - gut clutter on dining room table
  • Day 2 - office desk sorted
  • Day 3 - baking cupboard sorted
  • Day 4 - pantry sorted
  • Day 5 - linen closet sorted

Aren't those horrendous?! I'm sorry if it turned your stomach. Really, I am.

I did manage to gut the mail, model dump-trucks, paints, craft supplies and stamps off the dining room table on Monday.... and despite "playing" there this week, it is still not half bad. Yes, the stamps are back, but they are in nice little piles, and the scraps are in a recycling box off to one side.

Of course, in saying that, I am neglecting to tell you that Mario felt the easiest way to abide by my new "tidy table policy" was to do his models and painting on the dining room floor.... Where there's a will there's a way  - for the kids at least, not me!

Wish me better luck next time...

Have a great weekend!

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