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Marvelous Monday - Pretty in Pink

I have pink on the brain! We had another Baby Shower yesterday - for my cousin and his fiancee who are expecting a little girl....

I just love the little baby-bunting set I made here, and wanted to make something special for this Baby too, so I went back to that design. I didn't use blue this time, though (of course!) - instead I did the entire bunting pink (actually: 2 strands together - one pink & one white - so the effect was a pale pink).

I made the hat white with pink trim (one strand each) and added a little flower to the side of the hat to make it a little more girly. This also worked to tie the colours together as the second layer of the flower is worked with 2 strands in the same fashion as the bunting body. That way everything is "matchy-matchy", see :-)

Of course, I needed a card to go with it! I like this little buggy set when I make "baby girl" cards - and thought the "smiles & laughter" phrase would be sweet as well - I love the way it dances across the bottom of the card ;-)

Now, I wouldn't want you to feel cheated because I'd already done the bunting in a different colour ;-)


....Speaking of pink, here is a cute little cape I made for a toddler:

It was inspired by an adult-sized capelet pattern I saw in a magazine  (Crochet! or Crochet World - last Fall; I couldn't find it online, sorry!) - though, I used a smaller hook (G/4), different yarn (I used medium (4) worsted), added a ribbon instead of a button hole, and changed the trim edging.

I think it would look adorable on any little girl from about 12-14 months (as a cape) up to about 3 yrs (as a capelet) or whenever she outgrew it. 

Wishing you another wonder-filled, marvelous week!

(NOTE: If you subscribe to either of those magazines and recognize the shape of the cape, let me know so I can properly credit the publication - thanks!)

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