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Marvelous Monday*

This morning I woke up thinking how wonderful it was to have a bit of snow again! It makes everything so pretty, clean and white. It's a pleasure to stand at the kitchen sink and look out the window while doing the dishes. And the cat asked me to open her little perch for her, so she could smell the frosty fresh air up close, though a gust of wind came along & convinced her to stay inside!

Today I want to share with you a little baby bunting bag and hat I crocheted for another wonderful cousin, and the card I made to go with it. I had wanted to try this for a while, so as soon as she was pregnant, I knew what I would be making for Baby!

Bunting Bag, hat & card.

Teddy models the attire!

Card front.

Card opened.

*Why "marvelous"? Well, according to my research (we have to be scientific here, right, because it is the small print), "marvelous" means "to cause wonder or astonishment".....Marvelous Mondays get the week off to a good start. People, this week is going to be exciting! Fun! Wonderful! That, and it's the day I share my crafting - and I, for one, am always astonished when I see the finished product: "Woot! I actually made something!"

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  1. Laura16:01

    aww I just love this! so sweet! crocheting intimidates me :-s