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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week:
  • Getting enough water may not be as hard as you think: 250mL/1cup of frozen cooked zucchini contains almost as much water (211mL); a large apple has 191mL water and a large orange has 160mL! Plus, these foods have the added benefit of fibre to boot! (Best Health, March/April 2011)
  • Victorian women did lip calisthenics to make their lips appear more plump: they would repeat "prunes, peas and prisms" over & over! (Best Health, March/April 2011). 
  • To determine is your skin is dehydrated - pinch the skin on the back of your hand: if it is dehydrated, it will not immediately spring back into place. If it does, you're OK. If not - try the cotton gloves/moisturizer at night thing :-) (Glow, April 2011)
  • To rescue your lips from their chapped-gosh-it-was-a-long-winter-state, mix equal parts honey and table sugar, massage on lips one minute, then rinse off. The sugar will exfoliate, the honey leaves lips moisturized, even after rinsing. (Prevention, April 2011)
  • Eating too many processed foods can age us before our time, resulting in low energy, aching joints, forgetfulness and  increased blood pressure. They are high in calories, salt and fat, and low in nutrients such as omega-3's and B vitamins. Prepare healthy meals from raw ingredients as much as possible to stay younger longer!  (Prevention, April 2011)

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