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What I Read Today - A Made-Right-Here HOME Mag!

Today, I was taking it easy, did some reading. One of the magazines on top of my to-read pile was a sample issue of Home & Cabin that we recently received in the mail....

Now, if you haven't seen it around, or if you didn't get a free issue like me (lucky dog!), Home & Cabin is a new, made-right-here-in-NL decorating and home inspiration magazine by DownHome Media! I am SO THRILLED that we finally have our own local decor/home mag!

The issue was jam packed with articles and inspiration: interviews with builders and artisans around the island, environmental and gardening tips, plus an in-depth look at Dieter and Tina Staubitzer's (the owner of New Victorian Homes) modern, open home near Clovelly Golf Course, and Charlie Oliver's bright, beautiful cabin in Port Blanford. And, you know how when you see something you love in a home magazine and it isn't available here? Well, the dishes, birdhouses and other accessories on their trends pages and of course all products advertised, are available locally. LOVE it!

Want to check it out for yourself? Visit Home & Cabin online for a preview of the current issue, or subscribe to the magazine at a special rate (until May 31/11only) of only $9.95 for 2 years (8 issues)!

One of the many beautiful photos in Home & Cabin

Kudoos to DownHome Media and Home & Cabin editor Samantha Martin! 

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